Earth Unitted 

Earth United

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by Bryan K. Prosek




Earth United follows three young friends from Earth, two members of the Legion (the military arm of the planet) and the ambassador to a friendly power as they get involved in getting to the bottom of a conspiracy to develop a weapon by a power hostile to the Earth.  The story is packed with non-stop action as the three strive to save the Earth from annihilation.

It is obvious that the author took great care in trying to craft a professional piece of work.  Editing was outstanding as was attention to detail. The storyline flowed without the hiccups that have seemed prevalent in many of the books that I have recently read.

One interesting point was the development of anger and how it affects a warrior.  Anger can be harnessed and used, but it can also render a fighter ineffective to a calmer, more rational combatant.

When I read a book, I am a stickler for certain things.  One of these is in accuracy of what is written, and in this regard, the author came through.  Another thing, though, is in the "reasonableness" of a story.  A few coincidences can be accepted, but too many suspend believability for me.  In this book, in my opinion, the coincidences or even deus ex machina were a little too prevalent.

If you are the type of reader who can accept these literary tools, then you will probably love this book and be drawn into the rollicking action and the quest for revenge and justice. 


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