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Read any good books lately?

Why is it that whenever I get together with friends or family, all we seem to want to know is if the other has read anything good?  When I first discoverd science fiction (Star Man's Son, by Andre Norton) at the age of 10, I had a whole world of great universes into which I could delve.   Great books were everywhere.  Now, for whatever reason, I'm not finding as many good publishing house book (although there are some good self-published books available).  This last year, I've even, gasp, put down two books without finishing them.

I love fantasy and science fiction.   On this site, I will give reviews, good, bad, and indifferent to books I've read.   I also welcome your reviews.  Let the rest of us know what you've read, what you've liked, and what you've panned.  Just e-mail your review to us, and we'll put it up.



Ship of Magic, by Robin Hobb

Paradise, by Mike Resnick

The Eternal Footman, by James Morrow

The Redemption of Althalus, by David and Leigh Eddings

A Sea of Time, by Rob Frisbee

The Lion of Senet, by Jennifer Fallon

An Ill Wind, by Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason

Odalisque, by Fiona McIntosh

Tinker, by Wen Spencer

Darwin's Quest, by Jonathan Brazee

Transformation, by Carol Berg

Zero Gravity:  Adventures in Deep Space, edited by Alva Roberts

Breaking Waves, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Tiffany Trent

Wednesday's Child, by Alan Zendell

The Portal, by Alan Zendell

Temporary Duty, by Ric Locke

Antiquitas Lost:  The Last of the Shamalans, by Robert Louis Smith

Odyssey One, by Evan Currie

Gods in the Machines, by Marilyn Peake

Tritcheon Hash, by Sue Lange

Water Harvest, by Eric Diehl

A New Birth of Freedom:  The Visitor, by Robert G. Pielke

The Banned Underground:   The Amulet of Kings, by Will Macmillan Jones

The Kinsfield Legacy, by K. C. May

My Delusions of Godhood, by Ian Brazee-Cannon

Apocalypse Now-ish, by Mellisa Ameila

Dorothy: The Darker Side of OZ, by Scott Stanford

The Furnace, by Timothy S. Johnston

Ripple, by Tui Allen

Wonder Weapon, by J. Christopher Logan

A Virtual Affair, by Zvi Zaks

High Moor, by Graeme Reynolds

Wolf Hunt, by Jeff Strand

Lucinda: Nails of the Crucifixion, by Terry Thorp

The Forsaken Boy, by Troy Tradup

Bella Notte, by Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Alien Invasion:   The Storm, by Dean Giles

Smallworld: A Science Fiction Adventure Comedy, by Dominic Green

The Best Weapon, by David Pilling and Martin Bolton

The Poppet and the Lune, by Madeline Claire Franklin

Megazaur 2: Akysha's Fury, by Brian Poor

When Josie Comes Home (The New West), by A. E. Stanton

Killers, by John Rosenman

Downside Girls, by Jaine Fenn

The Girls From Alcyone, by Cary Caffrey

The Last Summoner, by Nina Munteanu

Earth 2.0:  Prison Planet, by William Crow Johnson

Eviction Notice, by Robyn Wyrick

The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi

Outer Bounds:  Fortune's Rising, by Sara King

Vokhtah, by A. C. Flory

Traitor, by Mark Eller

Origins (Spinward Fringe), by Randolf Lalonde

Poor Man's Fight, by Elliot Kay

Restitution Road, by Marc Everitt

The Ancient One, by Ilan Herman

Kyrathaba Rising, by William Bryan Miller

The Villain's Sidekick, by Stephen Brophy

Earth United, by Bryan Prosek

Reconquest:  Mother Earth, by Carl Alves

Kick, by John L. Monk

Greenhouse Redemption of the Planet Kraal, by Thomas A. Cahill

Pantheon, by Josh Strnad

The Freezer, by Timothy S. Johnston

 The Circuit:  Executor Rising, by Rhett C. Bruno

The Odds, by Robert J. Peterson

The Void, by Timothy S. Johnston

Liquid Gambit, by Bonnie Milani



Submitted Reviews

To The Stars, by L. Ron Hubbard

Dax Rigby, War Correspondent, by John B. Rosenman

Outside of Space, by Timothy Burns

Fred, by Aaron Knight

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman


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