reconquest:  mother earth 

Reconquest:  Mother Earth

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by Carl Alves


Reconquest:  Mother Earth tells the tale of an Earth that has been taken over by alien beings with 90% of the human population killed.  The remainder are put to work as slaves, mostly mining for rare earths, or try to scrabble out a living out of sight of their new masters.

Mitch Grace, a Navy SEAL during the initial invasion, is almost killed, but wakes up from a coma five years later to discover what has happened.  He takes it upon himself to start a war to kick out the conquerors and regain the planet.

The author is a pretty talented wordsmith.  He is able to clearly convey ideas and scenes.  His timing is good, and the flow of the narrative works well.  I think his greatest strength is his dialogue, which is one reason why his characterizations are so strong.  He shows us rather than tells us.  A few characters shift from a somewhat negative initial impression into being quite admirable and likable.  This shows a depth that is often lacking in other books.

Copy editing and proofreading were satisfactory.  Content editing and fact-checking, however, were not good.  The book made heavy use of military, yet there were numerous errors of fact concerning all aspects of it.  A decent editor or fact-checker would have caught those, and as most had really no impact on the storyline, they could have been easily fixed.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed book.  Some readers will be bothered by the mistakes in it, but if you can get beyond that, what you have is an enjoyable thrill-ride, a dystopian/space opera hybrid that should please most readers. 



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